Add Video Chat to Your App in Minutes

Boost your app's engagement with just a few lines of code

Easy Integration

Add a ready-to-use video chat widget to your app with a few lines of code.

Proven Infrastructure

Tap our scalable, global realtime network capable of handing millions of call minutes every month.

Pricing that Makes Sense

We charge per participant connection, with a 1-on-1 call working out to just 10 cents or less.

Easy-to-Use, Powerful Video Platform

Slash time to market with our proven solution


Embed a video chat widget in your web application, or add a chat screen to your iOS or Android app. Your users can connect with each other no matter which app they use.

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS

embed = new Videola.Embed("myembed", options);
embed.on("ready", function(e) {, true);

Ready-to-Use UI

Forget having to implement the call UI yourself. We provide you with a readily available call screen that works out of the box.

Packed With Features

Whether you just need the essentials or crave for more, we got you covered. Let your users enjoy screen sharing, in-call text chat, group calling for up to 12 participants, and more.

Fast Call Recording

Record your calls for compliance or training. Recordings are pushed to your S3 or SFTP, and are normally available seconds after the call ends, not minutes or hours.

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