Embed Parameters

This section lists the parameters that can be passed to the Videola.io embed. The clientid parameter is required, all other parameters are optional. Please see Embedding the Widget for more information.

Parameter Description
chat Specifies the behavior of the text chat. The accepted values are:

  • 0 – Disable the text chat functionality in the embed.
  • 1 – Make the chat sidebar closed initially. The user will need to click a controlbar button to open the chat.
  • 2 – Make the chat sidebar open initially. Has no effect for embed widths less than 1000 px.

The default value is 1.

chromeless Allows to specify whether the in-call controls are shown in the widget. The accepted values are:

  • 1 – The in-call controls (including the recording indicator) are not shown.
  • 2 – The in-call controls and the recording indicator are shown.

The default value is 2.

clientid Your unique Videola.io API client identifier that you get as part of your API access credentials.
color Sets the background color of the widget’s start screen. Format: Hexadecimal color code without a #. For example: cef2e9
iosappurl This parameter defines the App Store URL of the app, if any, that the users will be offered to download when attempting to use the embed on older versions of iOS (< 11.3). If this parameter is not supplied, such users will be shown a generic "your iOS version is not supported" message.
language Specifies the language of the embed. Format: ISO 639-1 code, for example: pl

Currently supported values: de, en, es, fr, ja, it, ko, nl, pt, ru, uk, zh. If this parameter is omitted, the embed will try to use the best matching language for each user.

Revision History

March 1, 2019

  • Initial version.