Gruveo for Developers Migration Guide

This page details the code changes required to migrate from Gruveo for Developers to the Embed API and mobile SDKs.


API Credentials Activation

If you are a Gruveo for Developers user, please get in touch with us to have your API credentials activated for

No Interconnection with Gruveo and/or Gruveo for Developers runs on infrastructure separate from Gruveo and Gruveo for Developers. This means that joining the same room on (or via Gruveo for Developers) and on will not result in a connection.

This is normally not a problem if you only use the Embed API from Gruveo for Developers. Switching to in your web app will switch all of your users to simultaneously.

However, careful planning is needed if you have live Android or iOS apps that use the Gruveo for Developers SDKs. After your switch to, the old versions of the apps will no longer be able to connect to the new ones.

No Gruveo Handle Calling

No interconnection between and Gruveo means that you cannot call Gruveo handles from Embed API and mobile SDKs.

Embed API

New API Load URL

When loading the Embed API, the following line:

needs to become:

onVideolaEmbedAPIReady() instead of onGruveoEmbedAPIReady()

The function that gets called after the API code downloads has been renamed to onVideolaEmbedAPIReady().

New Namespace for Objects and Methods

The Gruveo namespace has been renamed to Videola. This means that e.g. Gruveo.Embed and Gruveo.toggleVideo(true) in your code now need to be changed to Videola.Embed and Videola.toggleVideo(true), respectively.

No Start Screen with Code Input

The widget does not offer the Gruveo-like start screen where the user can enter the room name and click a call button to start a call. Instead, all calls in the Embed API need to be started programmatically.


  • The code embed parameter is no longer available
  • The 0 option for the chromeless embed parameter is no longer available. The default is now 2 (the in-call controls and the recording indicator are shown).

Screen Sharing with Chrome Only in Version 72 or Newer does not support screen sharing with versions of Chrome below 72 where installing a browser extension was required. Accordingly, the event.availability property of the screenSharingAvailability event object may no longer contain an extension-* value (e.g. extension-missing).

No Microsoft Edge Support

There is no Microsoft Edge support in, even experimental one. Accordingly, the enableedgesupport embed parameter is not available.

No busy Event

The busy event has been removed. Please rely on the ERROR_BUSY error instead.

Android SDK

Gradle Dependency Changed

The following line in your build.gradle:

needs to become:

New Videola Namespace

The Gruveo namespace has been renamed to Videola. This means that e.g. Gruveo.Builder(this) and Gruveo.authorize(signature) in your code now need to be changed to Videola.Builder(this) and Videola.authorize(signature), respectively.

Removed the GRV_ Prefix in Constant Names

For example, Gruveo.GRV_EXTRA_VIBRATE_IN_CHAT is now available as Videola.EXTRA_VIBRATE_IN_CHAT.


A New CocoaPods Pod

The following lines in your Podfile:

need to become:

VideolaCallManager Instead of GruveoCallManager

Please replace GruveoCallManager with VideolaCallManager in your code, for example:

Gruveo Replaced with Videola in Constant Names

For example, GruveoCallEndReasonInvalidCredentials is now available as VideolaCallEndReasonInvalidCredentials.

Getting Help

If you need help or have questions regarding migrating your Gruveo for Developers codebase to, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.